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BINO Planet

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“BINO”  is an extraordinary approach to modernize the primary education system through Augmented reality. Children will enjoy learning Alphabet with exciting 3D animated figures with this Bino Apps. They can play in their imaginary world.

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“Bino Planet” is a flashcard collection of planets. It contains a total of 10 cards of planets and instruction. Every planet will appear in reality with the information sound through the Bino application. The information of the planets is also given at the back of each planet’s cards.
Not only kids but also elders can also enjoy this book who seeks knowledge about space. Through various animation, we tried to create a virtual world of space in which children can see the whole scenario of the solar system.
The most fun fact in this book is, if we put all the 9 cards together, it will form a big picture of the whole solar system and the user can enjoy the whole solar system in a realistic view through our application in their smartphone or Tab.

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